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Detail of Stream India apk

With the Stream India apk, people can watch plenty of entertainment content with full peace of mind. This IPTV app is nothing less than a gift because it can work amazingly fine on all kinds of Android versions and iOS devices without any trouble. All you need to do is Download the Stream India app and watch high-quality entertainment content with excellent audio and video quality.

Ever since the smartphone was invented, the world has changed technologically, Now people have started doing all their small and big tasks through smartphones and you know watching TV has also started through smartphones. Everyone is aware that the era of TV is over, now people are watching entertainment content through streaming apps. If you search on the net, you will find numerous streaming apps that offer huge entertainment content by charging a nominal yearly and monthly fee.

It is also a fact that many people do not want to watch entertainment content even by paying a small amount of money. They want to watch entertainment content for free right on their smartphones. For such people we have a solution, if you explore our website you will find many streaming apps which are showing entertainment content for free. However, today we bring you a new streaming app Stream India that is one of the best IPTV apps in every respect. This RTS TV is beating other entertainment apps by its content with full freedom.

What is a Stream India app?

This Android app is developed by an amazing developer ‘Stream India Team’. This app allows users to watch the best entertainment content from all around the world. Watch live TV channels from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and a few other countries of the world without any interruption. Enjoy different kinds of movies, TV shows, and news sports like IPL, T20 World Cup, and other sporting events. After using the streaming app you can say that it has turned your mobile into a small pocket-sized TV. Now users of this app don’t have to fight with their siblings for the TV remote anymore. When you will avail of the services of this app you will feel that this entertainment app has put many national and international entertainment contacts under one roof. 

There is no doubt that many people are using this app and enjoying the entertainment content without paying any subscription fee. Due to the high-quality entertainment content at your fingertips, this app has gathered a huge audience in the shortest time possible. 

You don’t need to go through any long formalities to download this app, you just need to have a few MB of free space and a good internet connection.

What are the key features of the app?

You will be blown away when you see the long list of features of this app. This small-sized app has a lot to show so we won’t make you wait any longer and directly take you to the key features of this app. So read the list given below if you are interested in this full entertainment app.


This app is no less than a gift for all movie lovers as it will let them watch a huge number of movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, etc. without visiting cinemas.

Tv channels

More than 3000 TV channels are included in this entertainment app including news, sports, cooking, children’s programs, and all kinds of religious channels without any restrictions.

Sports channels

 The app has various sports channels to enjoy like live cricket, football, cycling, Rugby, Tennis, and other related sports channels.


 Subtitles have made it so much easier that you can watch content in other languages ​​and understand them through subtitles.


If for some reason you are very busy and can’t find time to watch your favorite match. There is a solution for that too. Through this app, you can know the score of your favorite match from time to time.

Radio channels

Some people also like to listen to radio channels while traveling or just like that. Of course, there are many TV channels now. Even today there are people who like to listen to radio channels. The app has many radio channels to please targeted audiences. 


The best thing about this app is that you can use this app in 200 languages. The developer says that it will update more languages.

High-quality resolution 

All the entertainment content uploaded in this IPTV app is in high-quality resolution. That’s why people like it so much.

Regularly updated

 Since the app launched, the developer has been adding new entertainment content to keep people engaged with this app.

How to update Stream India APK 2023?

As you know if you are downloading this app from a third-party website then it will not update automatically like the apps from Google Play Store. So whenever you need to update, first you have to delete it from your device. Then again go to a reliable third-party website and download and install this app again with the previous download and install method.

In final words:

It is summed up that streaming apps is delivering the best entertainment services to the users without demanding a single penny from the users. This free streaming app is functioning extraordinarily well nowadays without any lags and errors. Download it and share it with your friends and family so that they can get benefits from this streaming app.