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Gung Cakra
October 11, 2021

Description of Gung Cakra Injector

A large number of crazy ML fans are modifying MLBB quickly due to access to supported tools. Gung Cakra Injector is also one of the legit, latest, and best working tools for the frustrated, especially for the newbies. It helps you in different ways ranging from enhancing skills to providing the premium stuff for free of cost. Best ML costumes, Recall Effects, ML Backgrounds, and much more are now available in this root-free injector without charging you a single penny. So, install it and polish your skills by using the straightforward method given below. 

What is Gung Cakra Injector? 

I hope, you have met many ML tools/hacks in your MLBB career. Similarly,  Excalibur Injector is an Android tool for ML fans but with some pro features that explore and help you to enjoy many hidden aspects of MLBB for free. For instance, a diverse & vast reserve of ML costumes, custom skins, recall effects, amazing backgrounds, and much more in-game items will never let you get bored in the game. I believe, after a single trial, you’ll take it as a permanent partner on every battlefield of your favorite MOBA. 

The best functionality of the Gung Cakra Injector is the unlocking of premium costumes for all characters. Also, we cannot deny the other happiest things about the injector. Like, recall effects for quick recovery, backgrounds, its simple and easy usage, and much more. All of the admirable qualities are mentioned below. 

Key Features

ML Injector has eloquent cheats and hacks in its menu. The only thing you need to do is update it after a certain time. It will benefit a lot because developers are still working on it and adding more and more stuff to it. When you get entry into its menu the interface looks like this;

All MLBB Skins

After clicking on this option, you will get further two options like, 

  • Latest Skins _ it includes a large number of the latest costumes for almost 8 characters. 
  • All Skins _ it offers skins for all major characters Assassin, Marksman (MM), Tank, Fighter, Mage & Support.
  • Also, Custom Skins, Classic & Old Skins, Florin Basic Skins, Hayabusa Skins, Kagura Skins, and many other skins are ready to patch in Gung Cakra Injector ML.

Anime Skins

Yes, a large number of Anime Skins are ready to customize almost your 08 ML avatars in a single click only. e.g

  • Alucard X Rengoku
  • Ling X Tomioka
  • Badang X Akaza
  • Gusion X Gojo
  • Chou X Sukuna
  • Alucard X Asta
  • Funny X Mikasa
  • Ling X Hitsugaya

Recall Effects

Recall hacks are also handy to use with the recall injector. It helps you to come back into the game with extra energy and attack your enemies quickly without letting them know. 

  • Dark & Light
  • Halloween
  • Saber 
  • Venom
  • MSC 
  • And much more.

ML Backgrounds 

Other conventional items are ML backgrounds that make your gameplay more interesting. All types of backgrounds can be customized with Gung Cakra background changer.

Additional Features

  • Free injector
  • Full of the latest stuff
  • Simple & easy interface 
  • No ads, passwords, and login processes 
  • Fully functional 
  • Anti-ban
  • Small size
  • No root required 
  • And many benefits.

How to Download and Install to  Android App? 

Although,  using these cheating tools is not legal but if you are losing your interest after a regular failure and also you know that your opponents are using these types of hacking tools, then go for it but be careful and don’t use it all the time or use it cleverly. Simply, don’t get noticed. So, the straightforward method of its download and install is as;

  1. Tap on the links or “Download ” button to get it directly right from here to on your Android device. 
  2. Remember to allow installation from “Unknown Sources ” by visiting security settings on your Android device as you were doing. other third-party apps. 
  3. Install it without any time-wasting. 
  4. Open it and visit its menu.
  5. Select the objects or hacks you want to enjoy in MLBB.
  6. That’s all. Enjoy for free. 


As we can finish here that, Gung Cakra Injector plays a key role in remarkable records and helps your avatar to achieve different milestones. Other gaming injectors are also available on this site, so stay tuned with us and comment below if you want us for help.