Helios Injector


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The Helio Injector is one of the best Android tools you can find in the Google Play store it is not available. It’s a shooter released by ML Injector, and it features vivid graphics, interesting characters, and an engaging story for players to enjoy. You are just a soldier who comes from Earth to fight in a war on Mars. The story starts with your friend telling you how he became involved in the war with his uncle, a scientist at a Mars colony called Helio 3. Your job is to help him find out what went wrong there. Do you want to get a smiler ml injector so we share Papskie Injector? because this is the latest version of the ML injector.

The storyline of  Helio Injector is unique, and it serves as an excellent way to develop the characters.

The hero is like most because he isn’t tough. He’s just a regular guy who has to go through challenging situations and does his best to survive them. But as for the graphics, they’re incredible. The game looks like something from an animated movie or a cartoon show. It has excellent lighting effects, and overall, everything looks very detailed and vibrant. The gameplay is also top-notch in Helios Injector Apk since it involves shooting various enemies during your travels across Mars. The controls are very responsive and intuitive, so you’ll have no problems thereā€¦ There are many weapons to choose from, and you can choose the one you like to use the most. There are also upgrades available for your weapons, so you can upgrade them and use them in fights.

Below is a list of features in Helios Injector:

  • Free to Play with in-app purchase options
  • Brand new story mode
  • The first-ever fully 3D side-scrolling shooter for Android!
  • Over 30 levels with stunning and unique environments to fight through.
  • Fight hordes of unique enemies with a variety of weapons.
  • Touch controls that are simple to use. You can use your device’s accelerometer or virtual buttons. At any time, you may switch between the two modes! (Optional tilt controls are also available).
  • Play with your friends and other online players.
  • Several different Tool modes are available (Story, Survival, Versus, Deathmatch).
  • Gather weapons and power-ups. You can also purchase new weapons and power-ups in the store.
  • Complete quests to earn money to purchase new gear! (This is a feature that can be unlocked in the store)

List of Cheats Helios Injector ML:

  • ML Herose
  • Drone Veiw
  • ML Effects
  • Many more

How to play Helios Injector on android ?

The first two or three stages are always the same. You’ll be in your ship, and you’ll have to destroy enemies that are trying to destroy you. Once in a while, you’ll get an extra life and a power-up that makes your next shot more powerful. There is one screen where your ship has to fly through the center of it, being careful not to crash into the walls. This screen doesn’t give any extra lives, but it does give a power-up. After stage three, you land on Mars and have to fight on foot from there on out. The first thing you have to do is pick up ammo and a gun. There are five guns to pick up in the game: the machinegun, the shotgun, the pistol, the flamethrower, and the grenade launcher. The guns are identical except for their name and what they can shoot. For example, you can only shoot bullets out of a pistol, but you can shoot fireballs out of a flamethrower or grenades out of a grenade launcher.


Smartphones are an essential part of our lives. They’re used for simple tasks like checking the time or playing games and more complex things like connecting us to friends and family with Facebook or sending an email. Because smartphones are so popular, there are many great Android games that you can play on them… ” ML Injector” is one such tool, and it’s a very entertaining shooter that Armor ML tool released. It features some nice graphics and animation, and it gets challenging as you progress further through the Ml tool. It starts pretty straightforwardly, but it gets more complicated pretty quickly.