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NFA WhatsApp

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Detail of NFA WhatsApp

NFA WhatsApp Mod is the popular WhatsApp mod that has arrived to give special features and privacy options. This mod app contains more options than the official app and users can expect a lot from this small-sized application. One can say that this application has broken all the limitations for its users. Download the NFA WhatsApp apk and enjoy the best alternative of WhatsApp with extraordinary features.

WhatsApp is considered one of the most downloaded apps for messaging and communication. This app has billions of active users from all around the world and they use it to talk to their friends and family. Many new features have been added from time to time to please the users. However, Many users are dissatisfied to some extent and they want more control and freedom of use. They believe that this giant chatting app needs more improvement in terms of privacy and customization.

This need gave rise to mod apps for these popular apps. There are a huge number of mod apps for this giant application and these apps are satisfying the users. Let us introduce  NFA WhatsApp2022 and enjoy some new features without any limitations.  This app is famous among WhatsApp users and they are giving positive feedback on different forums regarding its functionality.

What is an NFA WhatsApp Mod?

This is an android application that is developed by Titus Mukisa to solve all the issues related to privacy and customization of WhatsApp. This mod app is offering better features than the official app and it is currently functional in nearly all kinds of android versions. Users of this app can enjoy animation effects, increased forward and status limit and an auto-reply function with full freedom.

Furthermore, this mod app will give better privacy controls like Do Not Disturb Mode, chat lock, and several customization options. Users of this app can freely choose from 4000+ styles for home and conversation screen customization. This app will allow the users to change the colour of the header, background, status bar and much more.

What are the key features of the app?

This near-perfect mod app is offering a wider range of features than the official app. With this extensive list of features, users can fully control this giant app. We are going to summarize all the major features in the list given below.

Privacy control

This app is allowing its users to use multiple privacy options like aeroplane mode, security code, hide second tick, hide blue microphone, hide blue ticks, hide view status, disable calling and hide typing status with full freedom.

No forward tag

 users can send messages to several contacts simultaneously without a forwarding tag on the top of the message.

Customized themes

Users of this app can change the background and entire user interface by using several new themes.

Automated reply

 This app is allowing users to automatically reply to messages with an automated response.


Unlike an official app, this app will allow the users to send large audio files up to 100 MBs.


a user will be able to send 100 images at a time to multiple contacts.


everyone can send 100 documents to his contacts without any restrictions.


 Share a video status of 7 minutes with your favourite contacts.

Long message; 

one can type 250 words in status with full freedom.

Anti-delete message;

 This app will allow the users to read all the deleted messages.

In a nutshell,

It is summed up that the NFA WhatsApp Mod apk is small in size but it has a bulk of innovative features to delight all the users of WhatsApp. Furthermore, this app is easy to use and it will not demand any money from the users for its services. Download it without any fear from our website because we are hosting the error-free link of this WhatsApp mode.