Saiki Injector

Saiki Injector

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Android 4.0.3+

Detail of Saiki Injector

Saiki Injector assists the CODM players to kill all the powerful enemies with less hard work. This helping injector is no less than a miracle for all the incompetent players of Call Of Duty Mobile. It is currently working on nearly all kinds of android versions to support the weak players of this game. Whoever wants to improve the overall gameplay with less effort must download and install this app.

It is no secret that Call of Duty Mobile is the topmost action game with a huge fan following from all around the globe. The most downloaded game on Google Play Store is not easier to play with limited resources. Like other MOBA games, all the powerful weapons are categorized as premium resources and many players are unable to spend money on them for various reasons. For this reason, they usually search for third-party apps to get full control of all the weapons without paying their charges.

There are countless CODM helping apps with different names circulating on the Internet making it difficult to choose one. However, we are here to make the whole process of choosing the right app easier for players. We have shared plenty of different helping apps on our website for multiple games. Today, we are here with another Saiki Injector to please the CODM players. If you want to know all the relevant details of this supporting tool then read this post till the end and share the download link with other fellows.

 What is a Saiki Injector?

This is basically an android application that will let the CODM players perform better with less hard work. Saiki Injector comes to unlock all the locked features of Call Of Duty Mobile at zero cost. With the assistance of this app, players will get the best results against pro opponents. This supporting tool comes with many tips and tricks to kill all the powerful enemies of this game. This simple tool will allow the players to uplift their levels in the game and control the battlefield without any hesitation. Now it will be easier for players to defeat their pro opponents with just a few clicks.

Everyone can utilize the services of this app without any difficulty due to the smart user interface. This smart application doesn’t need any root permission and it can be operated without any registration.

What are the Saiki Injector features of the app?

This app contains strong features that will enable the players to stay alive till the end of the match without extra effort. Down here are the key features of this app that are 100% functional on android devices.

Aimbot menu 

This menu contains VIP headshots, 94% aimbots, a new aimlock, cut head aimbot to polish the shooting skills of the players.

Esp menu 

The esp menu contains moco esp, name esp, pink line esp, blue line esp, yellow line esp to enable the CODM players to see through walls and terrain.


This app is revealing all the locations of useful items so that players can get them without finding them.


The gloowall is basically a shield to protect the players from the attacks of CODM enemies.


  • No registration.
  • No password.
  • No root.
  • Free app.
  • Free to download.
  • 100% functional.
  • Small in size.
  • compatible with the latest updates of the game, and several others.

Alternatives Saiki Injector App:

Alternatively, you can install Neverendless Modz, and X Mafia YT Injector.

 In a nutshell

 It is summed up that Saiki Injector is the best external support to Call Of Duty Mobile players. All the exciting features are 100% functional and provide the best support to all the needy players. Download this injector and enjoy CODM in a new style.